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Setting Up

How to Complete your registration

It is one thing to get started. But in order to become a completely registered associate in Paidso Empire, you also need to join the referral program. Joining the PE referral program allow us to track your referral efforts in order to credit you with your reward. Joining the referral program is a very simple step. If you have not done so, please click here to join the PE referral program.

How to update your Social Profile and Get Access to interact with Other Associates

Your Social Profile is located on the interactive section of the PE platform. All PE associates including your friends can view your profile at the default setting. However, you can adjust the visibility as you want. But ensure you fill correct information. Note that you are not allowed to hide your first and last name. You will also use your real name. Also you must upload real profile image of yourself.

Note: After two weeks if you don't upload your real profile image or picture your account will be deleted permanently from the system. The security and safety of our associates are taken very seriously on this platform. So we expect everyone to be security and safety conscious.

After your Official Profile is complete, you stand a better chance to be verified and approve or otherwise as a verified PE Associate.

Take the following steps to fill and complete your Social profile:

  1. Navigate to your Empire Office and click on "Empire Associates"
  2. Locate and click on your name or image.
  3. Click “Profile”
  4. Click on “Edit ” option.
  5. Fill the correctly and control visibility.
  6. Click the “Save changes” button to save your inputs.
  7. Add your social profile photo by clicking “Change profile photo” option. Upload, crop and save your photo.
  8. Add your cover photo by clicking “Change cover image” option.
  9. Upload your cover image and save.
How to update your Official Profile and Become a Verified Associate

Your official profile is the record you keep with the administrators of Paidso Empire. It carries details of your personal information, including your payment options and others. It is only visible to yourself and PE admins. Your friends or other members of the platform cannot view your official profile.

Take the following steps to fill and complete your official profile

  1. Navigate to your Empire Office and click the “Official Profile”
  2. Click on the gear icon at the bottom right of your profile cover image.
  3. Click on “Edit Profile” option.
  4. Fill all the field as accurately as possible.
  5. Click the “Update Profile” button to save your inputs.
  6. Add your official profile photo by clicking on the circle with camera at the left. Select the “Change photo” option. Upload, crop and save your photo.
  7. Add your cover photo by clicking on the plus (+) sign at the center of the cover image. Select the “upload a cover photo” option.
  8. Save your upload.

Social Activities

How to Request and Cancel Friendship

To request friendship or to send friend request:

  1. On the Empire Office (Dashboard), click on the "Empire Associates" button. You will be take to the interactive session's home page.
  2. Decide the associate you intend to send a friend request, and click on their name or profile picture.
  3. Once you arrive at their profile page, there are 3 buttons under their profile cover image. The first button is "Add Friend"
  4. Once you click on the button, the button text will change to "Cancel Friendship Request" which means that you can cancel the friendship at any time.

A quicker way to send friend request. When you are on the "Empire Associates" where members are displayed, click on the "All Members" button to display all the members with the buttons to "Add Friend" for each of the members.

You can also cancel friend request for existing request that you have sent. After send friend request, the button will change to "Cancel Request." So when you click on it the request will be cancelled.

How to Send and Receive Public Messages

You can send and receive public and private message to anyone on the PE platform.

To send a public message, while on the associate's profile page, click on the "Public Message" button. And then, compose your message and send.

A public message is available for all on the platform to view. So there is no special action to take to view a public message. Once you arrive at the "Empire Associates" page, you can view the public message.

How to Send and Receive Private Messages

You can send and receive private message to/from anyone on the PE platform.

To send a private message, while on the associate's profile page, click on the "Private Message" button. And then, compose your message and send.

A private message is an associate to associate private chat. So it is not available for all on the platform to view. If the receiver is online, you too can chat together and discuss things. So there is no special action to take to view a public message. Once you arrive at the "Empire Associates" page, you can view the public message.

Advertising & Prospecting

How to Build You capacity to Earn

There are three ways to build your capacity to earn and keep earning real Cash over and over:

  1. By having increasing amount of PE Credits thereby having a high ranking
  2. By increasing the number of your referrals thereby increasing your prospects, clients and customer base.
  3. By effectively increasing your engagement level and quality thereby increasing your sellability.

These three desirable conditions are possible through ADVERTISING, PROSPECTING & EFFECTIVE ENGAGEMENT.

How to Advertise your Business Opportunity

It is one thing to start a new business. But you cannot succeed without people. There are several ways to let people know about your business.

  1. Inform your close contacts and connections. These include your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbours, etc. You can use verbal communication, sending text messages, make calls and other means to reach them. But this method may not get as much as you need to make your level of desired success. So you can use the next higher method.
  2. Use your  social media network to reach more people. Share your referral link on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Post on groups, pages and forums. Make sure you use effective methods that are result oriented.
  3. Do paid advertising. Invest small amount in growing your business. Buy advertising packages that will bring more referrals to your business and put you in a vantage position to earn big.
How to Get your Referral Link and Referral Information

You can the unique link that you will use to get referrals and prospects to your business. You can also get information about how many referrals/prospects you have referred. These are possible on the Referral Area.

To get to your Referral Area, click on "Dashboard" or your "Empire Office" you will see the "Referral Dashboard" click on it and you will be on your Referral Area.

How to Send an Invite

You can send an invite to anyone email. First of request their email to invite them to a platform you are already using. After you get their email, you can send an invite to them. In the email a unique link will be attached that when clicked will take them to the page where they can register as your referrals.

Yo send an invite,

  1. From the main menu or top button, click on "Dashboard" or "Empire Office".
  2. Click on " Empire Associate"
  3. Click on your name or image you will be taken to your profile page
  4. Click on "Send Invite"
How to Make a Post to Advertise

You can make an advertising post. A well drafted and arranged post with the right words and language can convince a person to join your business.

On the main menu click on "Dashboard' or "Empire Office"

Then you click on "Make a Post" button.

Then you can draft your post and post your referral link in between your message.

Earning and Spending PE Credits

How to Earn/Spend PE Credits

The table below contains the summary of how to earn/spend PE Credits

ActivityPE Credits ($)
Becoming a Member+25
Logging in+1.25
Referring a Member+2.5
Publishing a Post-5
Publishing a Products-10
Publishing an Advert-10
New Profile Avatar Upload+5
New Profile Cover Upload+5

Profiting From PE and PI Credits

How to Use Your Earned/Purchased PE Credits

We believe that we are all here for business purposes. Everything done here will be with the intention to make money. However, it is important to make clear how you can use your earned PE Credits. You can use your PE Credits in three ways:

  1. You spend your PE Credits while performing activities on the PE platform such as viewing pages, publishing posts, advertisements, products, etc.
  2. You use your PE Credits to purchase products from our Marketplace. You can purchase courses, websites and blogs.
  3. You can use your PE Credits to increase your Rank on the PE platform.
How Your Rank Determine your Profits

The table below show how much you make based on your PE Credits rank:

PE TYCOON500 - 1,000,00075
PE AMBASSADOR350 - 39965
PE DIRECTOR300 - 34960
PE MERCHANT250 - 29955
PE MANAGER200 - 24950
PE EXECUTIVE150 - 19940
PE NETWORKER100 - 14930

How to Earn Real Cash from PI Credits

While PE Credits means Paidso Empire Credits, PI Credits means Paidso Investment Credits. You can acquire PE Credits by your action and you can also purchase PE Credits. But you cannot earn PI Credits by your actions. You can only acquire PI Credits by purchasing it.

You can sell PI Credits at this time. We are working on the system to create more opportunities to earn cash. When we include the sell of PE Credits we shall inform all our associates.

Your Rank of PE credits will determine how much you can make from PI Credits.



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